Induro AKP2 Tripod

Like many photographers I have used countless tripods. Good camera support is a delicate balance - It's so easy to over spend but if you go cheap you'll definitely regret it. Personally, I've found that Induro products hit that sweet spot. 

Induro is essentially a less known sister brand of Benro who has long had an outstanding reputation for quality. Almost all of the tripod plates and designs are interchangeable and best of all Induro products also are quite affordable. You can tell that they design their products for the details and do not cut corners. Most of the tripods even come with a deluxe carrying case.  

When shooting casually I prefer a MeFOTO travel tripod (which also modifies into a monopod) but for serious work I cannot get away from a solid pan & tilt head. I am currently researching geared heads as well!

Drew Steven Photography Induro Tripods AKP 2